The right name for the appropriate soldier!

Choose from:cavalarist - signifer - tribunus militum - hastatus - veles - legionarius - centurio - praetorian.












The basic cavalry soldier was almost always armed with a shield and stabbing spear, supplemented by a sword.

Centurio: 'commander of hundred'; centurion; officer.

Hastatus: 'spearman'; legionary heavy infantryman.

Legionarius: legionary soldier.

Praetorian guard: Created by Augustus as a personal bodyguard, based inside and outside Rome. A selected body.The Praetorian Guard was formed by Augustus Caesar in 27 BC, as an Imperial bodyguard unit, stationed in Rome and neighboring towns. It was originally comprised of 9 Cohorts, though it was later increased to 12 Cohorts, all of which were moved into the city of Rome itself. The Praetorian Guard was the pinnacle of the Roman military. Only the most experienced, honored, and highest ranking soldiers would be able to join their ranks. Annual pay for a Praetorian soldier was many times that of the common Legionaire, though the status alone would have been enough.

The signifer or standard bearer carried the signum of the unit. This standard served both as a rallying point for the soldiers and to communicate simple visual commands to the troops in battle. The task of carrying the signum in battle was dangerous as the soldier had to stand in the first rank and could carry only a small buckler.

Tribunus militum: senior legionary officer.

Veles: 'cloak wearer'; republican legionary skirmisher.