The origin: Mars and Silvia had two kids namely Romulus and Remus. A day Amulius, the brother of the king Numitor putted the two kids in a basket and he dropped it in the Tiber, but the basket get stuck in the mud on the feath of the hill of Palestina. A wolf hearded the two kids crying and she took them to her hole. There they grew up. A day the shepherd Faustulus and his wife Larentia found the kids by the wolf. They grew up in the middle of shepherds. When they were big enough they'll go to the place where Faustulus has found them. There they builded a city. Romulus putted the limits of the city fast accordance with the Etruskian books, but his brother didn't follow the rules. Romulus killed Remus. Rome was builded in 753 B.C. through Romulus.


This is a maquette of Rome where the Forum Romanum is closed build. On the foreground you see the long Circus Maximus of 600m, with moreover the emperors palaces of the Platino, moreover to the right the Colosseum and on the left the crowded Forum.


Rome was a city that expand out of the centrale core, the forum. The hart of the city find near the Tiber.


These are the remmants of the Forum Romanum. The Forum Romanum is the main square of Rome where the public life play of.